Welcome to my page.

I created this blog to share training ideas, solutions, inspiration and practical how-to for both my clients, and people stopping by just for fun.

If you’re looking for help with your dog, and you live in Ketchikan, give me a text or call at 907-617-8382, message me via Facebook, or email at raincityk9@gmail.com. I also have a Facebook page, under Rain City K9. If you don’t live in Ketchikan and you’re looking for a bit of dog training help, or just would like to talk about dog training, go ahead and send me a message!

I offer free advice and a friendly ear if that’s all you’re looking for, or I also can come by for an in-home training session for you, your family and your dog(s) for  a $100 flat fee. That session takes about 2 hours, and includes any follow-up help you might need over that dog’s lifetime.

Would you like to get some advice and help for small training problems, in trade for a bit of volunteering to hide for search dogs? That is a really fun way to talk training, to allow me to meet you and your dogs, and to help me train my search and rescue dogs, too. Let me know!

Enjoy the articles, and don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks for stopping by.

7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I am so excited to find someone here in Ketchikan I have lived here my whole life and I am local business owner. Anyway we have a very very Energetic one year WGSD we have tried our best but this big guy needs manners and we are at a loss. Would really love to set up a time to sit with you.


    1. Hi Loren, Sorry it took me awhile to see your message. Text or call me at 907-617-8382 and we can talk about some ideas.


  2. Hello, I was hoping you are still in service. My younger brother adopted one of my puppies. She is 11 weeks old now. We have been working on the 5 basic commands since 8 weeks old but need additional support in training. My brother was diagnoised on the autism spectrum as a child and is speaking to his doctors about a prescribed service dog. He is now going on 21 years old. He wants to be able to live independently in Ketchikan and I was hoping he could train his new puppy to support him. I live in WA so I can not offer him the training support besides tips. We are looking for a certification from a school for his puppy in training as well. Do you know if that is possible? Are you available to do a session in October?


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